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Electrical measuring instruments, the products that lie at the core of our business, play a vital role in the development of science, technology, and industry. Our great hope is that by providing such instruments we can help enrich the society of the future and build communities that are more conducive to human happiness. From a head office that is situated amid the natural beauty of Hioki Forest Hills in the city of Ueda in Nagano Prefecture, Hioki works daily to develop and manufacture creative, highly reliable products in line with its commitment to pursue and provide customer value. We also operate a network of other facilities in Japan and around the world so that we can offer customers higher-reliability products along with the ultimate level of service. Going forward, we will remain committed to providing value that satisfies our customers, fostering the personal growth and professional development of our employees, and building trust so that we can bring to fruition a new and unique vision for measurement. At the same time, we will bring together all employees to value our connections with society, fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, and earn the trust of all stakeholders in accordance with the Hioki Philosophy’s core tenets of “Respect for Humanity” and “Contribution to Society.”