Thermography | Flue Gas Analysis | Conductvity Transmitter | Dew point Measurement | Liquid Analysis

flue gas analysis

Flue Gas Analysis

Areas of application for the flue gas analyzer
• Flue gas measurements.
• Flue draft measurements.
• Gas flow and static gas pressure.
• Gas leak detection.
• CO ambient air measurements.
• Temperature difference measurements.

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Areas of application of the thermal imager
Detect locations at risk of developing mould, pinpoint thermal bridges, discover structural defects or identify overheated connections. The thermal imager is ideal for applications in daily maintenance and installation work in trade and industry. Quick, simple and reliable for maintenance and detection of defects.

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conductivity transmitter

Conductvity Transmitter

• CIP – Clean in place sensors
1. Concentrate dosing of chemicals by concentration measurement
2. Cleanliness measurement of rinsing water
3. Phase separation of detergents & water
4. Tank temperature monitoring
5. Level point detection
6. Dry run protection

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dew point transmitter

Dew point Measurement

Environmental conditions can determine the effectiveness of many industrial applications, which is why dew point measurement to monitor the dew point is essential in many trades. For example, the dew point, defined as the temperature at which air moisture begins to condense, is a significant factor in HVAC, heating, venting and cooling technologies. It is also important in determining potential corrosion in metals, and in numerous chemical manufacturing processes. Because of its vital role in vast processes, precise dew point measurement tools have become a fundamental utility in everyday industrial functions.

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liquid analysis

Liquid Analysis

Liquid analyzers are used for monitoring process chemistry including water quality, providing process optimization and control. Common measurements include pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, percent concentration and dissolved oxygen.
Liquid analysis is essential for protecting capital assets including boilers and cooling towers, by preventing corrosion, minimizing maintenance, and maximizing uptime.

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