About Us

Someshwara Industries

We are a fast growing company in Tea Manufacturing, Tea marketing, sales and distribution, private labeling and export. We are supplying, trading, exporting Assam CTC, Assam Whole Leaf Orthodox Tea and Darjeeling Tea. We supply in bulk quantity all grades of CTC Tea like BOP, BOPSM, BP, OF/PF, PD, Dust, CD, etc. Mainly serving the export market we also offer all grades of Assam Orthodox and Darjeeling Tea like SFTGFOP1, STGFOP1, TGFOP1, TGFOP, GFOP, FOP, BPS, FBOP, GFBOP, GBOP, GOF, OPD, OD, OCD, etc. We have launched Organic Tea products with many new flavors under the brand "Someshwara Industries" namely MyTea - 130 ml / 200 ml / 250ml Instant Tea Cups Green Tea, Black Tea etc. Flavours are infinite, and we look to create and discover new flavours constantly, delighting consumers with the unexpected. Consumer appetite for exciting and diverse taste experiences in TEA is phenomenal. That’s why we focus on, invest in, and care so much about innovation programmes that are inspired by technology, haute cuisine, consumer understanding and, of course, nature itself. We meet your needs through seeking the future of flavours, right here in the present. Our Organic products are free from any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, toxic substances, synthetic hormones and is certified according to international standards for organic production and processing. Someshwara Industries is born out of passion to bring Natural and Organic healthy beverages to you at affordable prices and, in a unique, easy to use, innovative packing suitable for today’s fast moving life. We provide our customers with innovations and inspirations that fulfill our promise of always inspiring more...